Who Am I?…In 5-4-3-2-1…

My life is not completely an open book. Being educated at Appalachian State University’s elementary education program during the 90s, I was constantly warned to act professional and keep my personal life private. As a male studying to become an elementary teacher, I was indoctrinated to never touch, hug, high-five, and even shake hands with students out of a fear of impropriety. I always so the hypocrisy in this mandate as women were encouraged to be “warm and inviting” to students. When finalizing placements for our student teaching experiences, males were encouraged to train in upper elementary grades while females had more flexibility. I split the middle requesting and training in 3rd grade.

Beginning my career in a rural North Carolina county, I was advised to not go on dates “in town” and certainly never order a drink other than tea or water while in a restaurant. Ensure that I have an unlisted phone number. I took these warnings to heart and learned to only be seen as an educator and not as a person.

Therefore, I was late to joining many social media sites. Further, I refused to accept friends and connections with coworkers. However, none of this helps my students learn new skills, demonstrate their understanding, or prepares them for their future. What I have learned over time is that students should see their teachers are people with hobbies, successes, and even flaws and failures. Thus, I am exposing some of my thoughts, successes, and failures within the New Adventures of an Old Librarian.

So enjoy this peek into whom I am without a lot of other details.

5 random facts about me:

  1. Favorite color: orange
  2. Favorite meal: sushi
  3. Favorite beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper
  4. Favorite book genre: Mystery
  5. Favorite TV show genre: sit-com

4 bucket list items:

  1. Permanently live in Key West, Florida
  2. Travel to all 50 states by the time, I’m 50
  3. Travel to Africa and Asia
  4. Research my genealogy to know when my family ties began in the U.S.

3 personal hopes for this year:

  1. Try Moroccan food
  2. Prepare and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Take a daily walk or bike ride

2 things that have make me laugh as an educator (and personally):

  1. When I am intensely focusing on a lesson (or activity) and something completely random and unexpected happens that breaks my focus. But for a true, hearty laugh the others around me must still try to keep focusing like nothing just happened. At this point, I usually burst into laughter.
  2. Whenever I fall, stumble, dance, or otherwise act as a clown.

1 thing I wish more people knew about me:

  1. I am more fulfilled as a worker when I 1.) Advise and support others; 2.) Serve as a leader; and 3.) Create and implement educational initiatives and programs, then train teachers on the programs.

Author: rickydhamilton

I am an educator who questions, seeks more information, and learns. In my past years, I was classroom teacher and school librarian. Today, I am a Family and Community Engagement Coordinator for Title I schools. My passion for educational change is that humans are constantly changing, growing, and learning. Our educational methodologies must evolve as well while being rooted on fundamental foundations of theory. I believe that all can learn, grow, and thrive. We must follow our passions and learn to navigate a rapidly changing world filled with instantaneous information. Teachers and librarians must help students learn to parse through all the information and harness the power of knowledge. Educators must let students drive their learning.

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